A Comic for New players of City of Heroes
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Last month, I finished this comic for new players which is meant to be a kind of introduction to the game world of CoH - although I recently had to do a little tweaking of a couple of panels to remove visual references to certain other games to make it acceptable for it to be mentioned on the official Facebook pages and Twitter feed - so I'm sure it'll be ok for LJ now in its final form :-p

Here's a reduced sized version of the cover...

...And the rest can be found at my DeviantArt page here:


It's 33 pages in total, and there's a link at the bottom of each page to either go forwards or back one page.
I'd like to make a PDF version, but I've found that it either ends up as 100+ Mb if I want to keep the pages detailed and sharp - anything smaller seems to cause fuzzy edges and text, as well as some color bleeding.

Anyway, this is more focused on the game world and lore, rather than gameplay mechanics, some of which have to be kinda dodged for the sake of the story - and although it's aimed at very new players of the game, it also has some stuff that might make longer term players smile too  :-p


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